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Wisdom of the Mystic Masters
by Joseph J. Weed

Wisdom of the Mystic Masters

From The Publisher (Back Cover)

Here, right in your hands, are the most awesome secrets ever known to man - ready to be used by you to get the riches, influence and joy you've always wanted! By using the staggering power of these age-old secrets, jealously guarded by the wealthiest and most influential people in history - you quickly discover how to release a flood of riches into your life... how to gain influence and control over others... bring new romance into your marriage or social life... gain the instant respect of everyone you meet... overcome any threat that you face now!

Here is the ancient might of the Mystic Masters immediately ready to help you to the pinnacle of money, fame and power!

About the Author

The late JOSEPH J. WEED was a lifelong student of esoteric philosophy. While still a student he became interested in mysticism and the occult, and continued to study the teachings of the Agni Yoga Society and the Arcane School. In 1938 he began to lecture on these subjects and delivered nearly 200 lectures to audiences in cities throughout the United States and Canada.

In all, nearly a quarter-million copies of his books have been sold. As the former president of Weed Television Corp. and Van Drenthem International Ltd., his duties required almost constant travel and contact with people all over the globe.

Customer Comments from Dallas, Texas, July 23, 1999
A Timeless Classic - Had to read every page!
Joseph Weed had his background in the TV business but must have been trained by Edgar Cayce! This was one of my favorite books of all time. It looks like an old book, but it is as current as any of today's best sellers. Pushes the envelope in areas I have not seen explained anywhere else since. Read the wisdom in this book! Was new age before most new agers were born... and still has them all beat!

T. Segars from Knoxville, Tennessee, May 22, 1999
"Quite enlightening" Enough said
I like this book. I would like to find everything this author has written. Unfortunately most are out of print. Here it is in a nutshell. It is a good read. Just the material on life's cycles of 7, are worth the purchase price of the book. I made charts using the calendar for all the members of my family based on this section. I hear from them all the time on the accuracies of the cycle trends and most of my family now look ahead to the upcoming cycle to see what's in store for them. Recommend it. from Ypsilanti, Michigan, March 7, 1998
No nonsense approach to the mind/body/spirit connection.
This book, along with "Psychic Energy", also by Joseph J. Weed, were first purchased and read by me in 1974. Throughout the years, I have consulted, and re-read them, time and time again. With simple, easy to do experiments, you can track your progress, and prove once and for all that you are a part of something greater. A few of the references are dated, but the main truths and contents are just as valid now as when my copy of the 1968 edition was published. You owe it to yourself, to be equipped with the tools, and to prove it once and for all time, that the mystical path is the true path. Mr. Weed took a lifetime, devoted to research, and all can benefit by reading and practice of the contents of this work.

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